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  • Blog Circle…DREAM! {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} March 1, 2014 / Blog Circle, Special

    I have a great, amazing and awesome group of fellow photographers, who have become wonderful friends over the years, that I chat with. We chat about lots of stuff, mostly photography and helping one another learn and grow, sometimes about other things! 😉 Last month we started a “Blog Circle” which means we have a topic to write about and interperet how we see fit. If you remember my blog post last month about “LOVE”, this month is about “DREAM”. How do I interperet that?

    Well for me right now, with all of the cold arctic air and snow we have been getting, I am dreaming about summer! Beaches, walks, bike rides, swims, washing cars outside, campfires, dirty hands and faces, letting my kids run and play carefree! Oh man, I have almost forgotten what it’s like to do these things. And I CANNOT wait to do these things again. I recently started hearing the birds chirp and sing again so it can’t be that far away, right?


    What do you dream about? Do you dream big or dream small?

    Visit my friend Emily’s blog post from Cozy Clicks Photography about “DREAM” to read her interpretation.