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  • Hannah :: 8 days April 21, 2016 / Baby's first year, Family, Newborns, photographyTheoria, Studio


    Hannah’s momma contacted me back in November or December, I can’t remember which, for her baby that was due at the end of March.  We spoke on the phone, talked about details, and answered all of her questions.  After hanging up the phone I realized I was due to be on vacation just one week after her due date and was concerned about timing.  So I quickly prayed and asked God to line everything up so that I would be able to do the session in a timely manner but also be able to spend such needed quality time with my family.

    Time continued on and I continued to pray for timing, I needed to continue to pray because my doubt and fear would creep in slowly every once in a while.  March neared and so did the Hannah’s due date.  Mom reached 40 weeks and the last communication was that her doctor would let her go to 41 1/2 weeks.  Whew, ok, I can go on vacation and just photograph the baby when I return as she’ll still be in the “newborn window” and not too old.

    Well God has the perfect timing, as always, and the very next day Hannah was born!  I was able to photograph her and her family the day before we were scheduled to leave for vacation.  Praise God and all of His ways!

    Welcome to the world, precious one!

    Hannah 1Hannah 2Hannah 3Hannah 4Hannah 5Hannah 6Hannah 7Hannah 8Hannah 9

  • Jessa :: 9 days March 16, 2016 / Children, Family, Newborns, Studio


    I am honored and very humbled to be able to photograph newborns, my favorite!  But when a family comes back just about two years later with their second child for her newborn portraits, it really means a lot to me!  It thrills me that I get to capture these tiny little beings, and thrills me even more when the family love their photos!  Melts my heart each and every time.

    The first time the Rosema family came to me was April 2014 with their baby girl, McKenna, and came back to me last week with their baby girl Jessa.  At just 9 days old she was pure perfection.  I was even able to capture Jessa in a similar way that I captured her sister previously.  Their daddy is a police officer and it was very important to the family to honor him and their baby girls.

    ""My Hero wears a badge, and I call him daddy!"

    “My Hero wears a badge, and I call him daddy!”


  • Raelynn Michelle :: 13 days March 14, 2016 / Baby's first year, Family, milestones, Newborns, Studio


    I’ve known little Raelynn’s family for quite a few years now and have had the pleasure of getting to know them more and more throughout the years.  I was honored to be able to capture little Raelynn’s newborn photos after she had to spend some time in the NICU, due to having a knot in her cord and it wrapped around her neck during her delivery.  I am happy to say she is doing well now and was able to come visit me Saturday afternoon! 🙂  What a great baby she was too.  So pleased with her modeling!

    Raelynn, 1Raelynn 6Raelynn, 3Raelynn 42016-03-14_0005

  • Shannon Dale Eve :: Birth & Newborn Session February 10, 2016 / Children, Newborns


    Back in October I was asked by Shannon’s mom if I would be interested in photographing the birth of her third child.  She was due December 30th which fell at a perfect time, for me anyway.  I usually don’t tackle births because of my young family at home to care for and my husband having “unusual” hours at work which means it’s hard for me to leave at any moment because I am needed at home and my kids depend on me.  But with the date of her due date falling during Christmas break from school and my husband having two weeks off of work, it was possible.  And I was soooo excited!  Photographing a birth is one of the most amazing things I can do!

    So I wait, and wait, and wait.  Shannon’s mom and I text every week, every few days, and talk about how she is feeling.  I get a text on Christmas eve at 10:26pm, stating that “she didn’t know if she was in labor but the contractions were two minutes apart.  The midwives were on their way.  I don’t think you need to come yet.”  I said, “ok.  To text me when the midwives get there and let me know how you’re progressing.”

    At 10:41pm another text comes through, “This pressure is rapidly increasing.  Maybe you should come.”  I text back, “Will do.”  And I proceed to get ready to leave.  I go to the restroom, take some aspirin as I had a headache and didn’t know how long I would be out that night, and get my socks on.  While getting them on another text come in, I check it, it says, “It’s a GIRL!  Her name is Shannon Dale.”  The time is 10:45pm.  So in a matter of 19 minutes a sweet precious being entered the world with just her mommy & daddy to share the moment.  The midwives missed the birth, I missed the birth!  But all is well.  I gathered my equipment and headed to their home to capture the after moments and was so glad I could be there.  Such sweet moments of a family, not of four, but now of five, whom were starting to bond and learn their new rolls as a family.  Little, I mean, now bigger sister of 6 years old, was a little hesitant on what her roll was now that little sister had joined their family.  But I can tell you love was all over that house that night!  Joy and peace was there too!


    Welcome to the world, Shannon Dale Eve!

    Two weeks later when Shannon was 15 days old, she came to visit me for a newborn session.  I prepared my studio for several set-ups and was hopeful to get lots of photos out of her, but she had other plans.  While I normally photograph babies before two weeks old, my best ages being 8 days to 11 days, Shannon was 15 days and it still amazes me how much a few days makes.  The babies who reach that two week mark, a mere 14 days old, are much more alert and touchy when it comes to moving the.  They are aware someone is there and really want to stay up to not miss the party.  Shannon surely didn’t want to miss the party!  She wasn’t fussy by any means, and actually quite content, but didn’t want to sleep.  But once she finally did sleep, I got some of the most amazing shots.  🙂

    Shannon is a great blessing and will do amazing things in this world!  I am so glad I was able to be a part of her life!

    Shannon-1 Shannon-2 Shannon-5 Shannon-6 Shannon-8 Shannon-9 Shannon-12 Shannon-13 Shannon-16 Shannon-18 Shannon-19

    Fluff :: Oh So Fleeting
    Purple Hat :: Oh So Fleeting
    Headband ::

  • Matthew Paul Jr. :: 10 days January 24, 2016 / Baby's first year, Children, Family, Newborns



    I had the utmost privilege of photographing this family since the beginning, meaning I photographed mom & dad’s wedding back in November 2013, then I photographed their maternity photos in August, and now their first born son’s newborn photos!  I tell ya what, I love being able to document any family’s special days.  I love getting to be there as they grow with each other!  I just love my job!

    Meet Matthew Paul Jr, a squish that let me do about anything I wanted at his session.  I never even saw his eyes for three hours, he was a ROCKSTAR!

    Matt Jr :: 10 daysMatt Jr :: 10 daysMatt Jr :: 10 daysMatt Jr :: 10 daysMatt Jr :: 10 daysMatt Jr :: 10 daysMatt Jr :: 10 daysMatt Jr :: 10 days

  • Nathan :: 9 days new January 22, 2016 / Baby's first year, Children, Newborns, Studio


    Nathan was oh so anxious to arrive in this world.  He was due to arrive via c-section on December 30th, but little did mom & dad know that he had other plans.  Little Nathan decided to join his big sister, Naomi, on December 19th!

    He came to see me a mere 9 days later for his newborn session.  He did wonderfully and I really wanted to keep him!  Mom & dad weren’t sure about that, so alas, I had to return him.


    www.photographytheoria.com www.photographytheoria.com www.photographytheoria.com www.photographytheoria.com www.photographytheoria.com www.photographytheoria.com www.photographytheoria.com www.photographytheoria.com

  • Piper :: 7 weeks October 22, 2015 / Baby's first year, Newborns, Studio


    Oh man, I have a confession to make, it’s been almost 5 months since my last blog post!  I can’t believe it’s been that long, however, busy season came and I couldn’t fit it all in.  Now that busy season, while not over yet, is coming to a close, I have some time to blog.

    First up it’s going to be a newborn that is not a “normal” newborn for me.  This particular newborn was a few weeks older than I normally like, for sleepiness and squishy-ness (is that even a word?).  And this particular newborn kept running away from me, which I tell you doesn’t happen!

    Meet Piper, a 7 week old French Bulldog/Pug mix, a “Mix-A-Frug”.

    I hope you enjoy looking at her as much as I do!

    Piper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeks

  • Ella, 5 days new {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} February 25, 2015 / Children, Family, Newborns, Uncategorized


    Waiting, waiting, waiting…that is what Ella’s mom & dad had to do, for two weeks!  Ella had her own agenda.  She finally made her appearance on February 11th after a 36 hour labor and delivery.  Oy!  But what a wait it was, and oh so, so, so worth it!

    She came to visit on a Monday afternoon and was an angel.  She hardly cried, only when she wanted to eat.  We snuggled, we posed and we didn’t get pooped on…a definite win in my book, on all accounts. 🙂  I tried to keep her but settled for snuggling some more with her before she left.  It was a good day! 🙂

    Congratulations to the Kuhtic family of three!

    Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} Ella, 5 days {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer}

  • Scarlett, Lifestyle Newborn photographer {Zeeland, MI} January 28, 2015 / Children, Family, Lifestyle, Newborns


    I had to utmost pleasure to be able to visit Scarlett and her family this past weekend.  Though she was one of the “oldest” newborns I have photographed, she was still one of the sweetest and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the photos.  Her big sister, Natalie, was oh so happy to have me there and is quite the helper and quite the happiest of big sisters. 😀

    I leave you with a quote from William Shakespeare that Scarlett’s mom has in Scarlett’s nursery…

    “Though she be little, she is fierce”

    Lifestyle Newborn photographer {Zeeland, MI}

    Lifestyle Newborn photographer {Zeeland, MI}






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