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  • Sophia, 10 days new January 7, 2015 / Family, Newborns

    Sophia came to see me at the end of November, after she surprised mom & dad and was born a little bit early.


    As mom & dad arrived, we quickly started going over setups and what they would like to see for the session, and they both said they weren’t sure how much I would be able to do with Sophia.  Well let me tell you she did wonderful!  I don’t think she made a peep for two hours and let me get all kinds of setups and shots with her.  <3  Her dad was such a help to me, I would love to have a newborn assistant just like him.  Mom happily sat back and watched, as I had asked her to do….(there is a very specific reason for this).

    Sophia-1 Sophia-12 Sophia-14 Sophia-15

    Sophia-4 Sophia-7 Sophia-9

    Sophia-3 Sophia-19 Sophia-20


    Sophia-29 Sophia-32 Sophia-35 Sophia-36 Sophia-37 Sophia-39 Sophia-40 Sophia-42 Sophia-44 Sophia-46 Sophia-55 Sophia-56 Sophia-57

    And the image I told Sophia’s dad about and he was all about helping me get it…


    Thank you for trusting me with your baby girl.  🙂


  • Charlotte, 7 days new {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} September 15, 2014 / Children, Newborns

    I had the utmost pleasure of photographing Miss Charlotte at 7 days new, a few weeks ago.  But before I photographed her as a newbie I was able to photograph her while she was still nestled away in her momma’s tummy, what an amazing opportunity I have to meet the family, capture their love for their child even before he/she is born.

    Charlotte came to me sleeping peacefully and stayed sleeping peacefully for most of the three hour session.  Daddy and her big sister, Kenleigh, joined us later in the session and it worked out perfectly.  Kenleigh was just as well behaved as her little sister, and I couldn’t have asked for a smoother newborn session.

    I can’t wait to see little Charlotte grow, as they are only this little, but once!


  • Barrette Grace, 13 days new {Zeeland, Michigan newborn portrait photographer} March 18, 2014 / Children, Newborns

    Barrette and her family came to visit me when she was just shy of two weeks old. Her mom and I have “known” each other for a few years since she was my son and daughter’s kindergarten teacher. So I saw her around town on a few occasions and have parent-teacher conferences with her as well. Plus I saw and spoke with her at a wedding I was photographing back in October….

    …so, when Barrette’s mom contacted me to do her newborn daughter’s newborn pictures, I was THRILLED to say the least! She and Barrette came alone for most of the session and then her big sister, Cambree, and dad joined in later for the fun!

  • Shayla, 13 days new {Zeeland, Michigan newborn photographer} February 7, 2014 / Family, Newborns

    Shayla was born one week early and wanted to be here to ring in the New Year of 2014! She was born December 30th, he, he 😀 She came with her mom & dad to visit me in early January for her newborn session and she did wonderfully. Ate when she needed to eat, and slept when she needed to sleep. She barely cried and made my job easy. Mom & dad did fantastic as well and just hung out and relaxed while I worked. Exactly what we needed them to do. Why do you ask? Because the more relaxed newborn parents are, the more relaxed and ready to sleep babe will be. 🙂 As you look through the photos, take note of how happy and in love with Shayla mom & dad are! I loved seeing their love for her shine through. <3

  • Kensley :: 5 days new {Zeeland, Michigan newborn portrait photographer} January 17, 2014 / Newborns

    I had the pleasure of photographing Kensley back in November at just 5 days new! She was an amazing model and so content and…small! She was only 5lbs at birth. It is so amazing to me that a 5lb newborn’s body works and functions just like my body. Birth and newborns are truly a miracle. Maybe that is why I love, love, LOVE photographing newborns.

    Kensley was modeling an awesomely cool tiara and an amazing tieback for me from Clementine’s Jewels. If you have never heard of Clementine’s Jewels, I highly recommend you check out her work, it is fabulous!!! (www.etsy.com/shop/clementinesjewels).

    If you are expecting and looking for a newborn photographer, please click on the ‘Contact’ button and send me your information. I would love to talk with you!!!

  • Introducing, Rylann {Grand Rapids newborn photographer September 24, 2013 / Children, Family, Newborns

    Rylann is here!  I was so happy to be able to photograph this little one while in here mommy’s tummy, 6 hours after she was born and now at her newborn session in August.  I also get to photograph her for the first year of her life…yipee!!!

    Rylann and her family, including big sis, Carter, are very dear to me!  I love them and keep telling them I want to steal Rylann.  She is such a good snuggler and my own don’t snuggle too much anymore.  😉


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  • I never knew I’d feel this kind of love, I really never knew {Zeeland, Michigan adoption photographer} April 22, 2013 / Children, Family, Newborns, Red Thread Session

    I first received an email from Meghan and Andrew back in December inquiring about a Red Thread Session.  They had just adopted their first child, a son named Matthew.    They were smitten with this little one from the moment they laid eyes on him and wanted to announce it to the world through photographs.  Meghan and Andrew are living in Alaska at the moment, while Andrew is stationed there in the Army.  And let me tell you what a thrill it was to meet such a special family!   I was soooo blessed to have met them!   They are so very, very blessed to have Matthew in their lives!  I can’t wait to photograph them a second time when they come to Michigan to visit!!!!

    Matthew image 1 copy

    PTM_Storyboard_Web_Template copy

    Diptych 1 copy

  • Avery :: 4 days new {Galesburg, Michigan newborn photographer} January 7, 2013 / Family, Newborns

    I had the pleasure of working with the “B” family again!  I love seeing them, they are always so pleasant and great to work with.  I have been working with them since their now oldest was 3 months old and she is about to turn 2, and just had a new baby sister born!  Her name is Avery and I got to meet her at the ripe age of 4 days!  That’s right, I said 4 days!

    She was a tough one at first, but finally gave up and went to sleep!  Once she was out, she was definitely out.  Photographing her at that point was actually quite easy.  🙂

  • Malachi, a newborn babe {Wyoming, Michigan newborn portrait photographer} December 3, 2012 / Children, Newborns

    I have known Malachi from the second he was born, no really!  I was a witness to his birth and just so happened to be able to photograph it as well…that’s for another post and another day though. 🙂  Anyway, he was such a trooper at his photo shoot, the 2nd one at least.  😀  I tried to photograph him too early, and let’s just say it didn’t work out all that well.  So his mommy willingly came to do the shoot again about a week later, bless her heart, and it went perfect!  He let me post him just so, put him in all kinds of crazy set-ups and even let me put hats galore on his head.  I love Malachi so and am so honored to see him grow.  🙂

  • Callan is born! {Zeeland Michigan newborn photographer} October 22, 2012 / Newborns

    Oh goodness, where do I start my story with Callan and her family?  I first met her mom at church several years ago and we quickly became friends.  I accidentally “called her out” when she was pregnant with Charlotte, her older daughter and then again when she was pregnant with Callan! And she was in North Carolina when I did this…thank you Facebook!  😀  Anyway, once Callan was born at the end of July, I traveled to North Carolina (where they now reside) for a quick but exciting trip!   Although I had some snags in flights on the way there, I did arrive safely.  Oh it was glorious to see and hug my friend whom I haven’t seen in quite a while.  I was welcomed with open arms and had the best time catching up and cherishing every moment since I knew it would not last forever.  Thank you to Erin, Geoff, Grady, Charlotte and Callan for loving me and taking such good care of me!  I love you guys!