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  • JR :: A Red Thread Session :: Zeeland, MI Adoption Photographer March 12, 2017 / Family, Red Thread Session, Studio


    What a wonderfully fun session with a very sweet family!  Jacob and Claire met in 2004 and marrying in 2007, they dreamed about starting a family, but that wasn’t happening how they had envisioned it to happen.  After experiencing loss and many years of infertility, they believed that God had placed adoption on their hearts and in their path.

    Jacob and Claire decided to pursue adoption and chose to go through Adoption Associates, Inc.  They put together their life in the form of a book, and it was put onto parentfinder.com, where potential mothers & fathers who are choosing to selflessly place their child up for adoption can choose a forever family.  Normally this process can take anywhere from 9-18 months, but in Jacob & Claire’s case, it took weeks.  They were elated!

    JR was born in May 2016 and came home to his Forever home quickly after that.  What a whirlwind it was, but absolutely worth the wait!

    I am honored to be a part of their journey volunteering with Red Thread Sessions, and to be able to give something extraordinary to these deserving families.  Welcome home, JR!

  • Huxley, 9 months, Red Thread Session {Zeeland, Michigan child portrait photographer} March 5, 2014 / Children, Red Thread Session

    A peek into Huxley’s session for Red Thread Sessions, celebrating adoption through photography.

    Huxley came to visit me about a month ago now, and he was quite shy at first but quickly warmed up.  He is such a loved little guy!  Here is his story told through his mom’s word…

    “We always knew that we wanted to adopt. Last January one of our dear friends came to us when she found out that she had an unplanned pregnancy and asked if we would adopt her baby. We immediately agreed and started planning with only a short time between when we found out and when he would be born. We are so blessed to have this wonderful little person in our life and are so happy to have made our family larger through open adoption.”

    Happy Adoption, Huxley!  Can’t wait to see you again for your one year photos! 😀

  • I never knew I’d feel this kind of love, I really never knew {Zeeland, Michigan adoption photographer} April 22, 2013 / Children, Family, Newborns, Red Thread Session

    I first received an email from Meghan and Andrew back in December inquiring about a Red Thread Session.  They had just adopted their first child, a son named Matthew.    They were smitten with this little one from the moment they laid eyes on him and wanted to announce it to the world through photographs.  Meghan and Andrew are living in Alaska at the moment, while Andrew is stationed there in the Army.  And let me tell you what a thrill it was to meet such a special family!   I was soooo blessed to have met them!   They are so very, very blessed to have Matthew in their lives!  I can’t wait to photograph them a second time when they come to Michigan to visit!!!!

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  • From Korea to their heart…{Hudsonville, Michigan adoption photographer} December 17, 2012 / Children, Family, Red Thread Session

    I first got a call from Sarah back in June letting me know that she and her husband were going to be traveling to S. Korea to pick up their new son sometime in late August.  She had heard about Red Thread Sessions and wanted to book a session for sometime after they brought their new little man home.  Fast forward to the end of September and they are home, with their new love, Oliver Seung-Jo!

    We were supposed to meet on a Saturday in late October but the rain just kept coming, and coming and coming.  So we talked and agreed to try the next day, since I was free.  Boy, oh boy am I glad we waited just one day, for as the song goes, “The sun will come out, tomorrow…”.   And that it did!  It was a perfect day for photographing.  The breeze was slight, the sun was warm and the mud was dried = PERFECT!

    And now I would like to introduce you to the Woodring Family, all four of them!

  • It’s TWINS! {Holland, Michigan premier adoption photographer} September 6, 2012 / Children, Family, Red Thread Session

    I have been volunteering for the wonderful organization, Red Thread Sessions, for about 5 months now.  During my journey with Red Thread Sessions, I have met some of the most amazing, loving, sincere and faithful people.  Brad and Monica are no exception.  They have four, soon to be five biological children, and 4 adopted children.   The twins, Reuben and Arlo, are the two adorable little boys they just brought home from Ethiopia in June.

    I met them on a Sunday afternoon in August to so their photo shoot at a city park, once Holland, Michigan’s founders home.  I really had no idea what to expect before the shoot, especially with that many children.  But to my amazement and pleasure, the children were the most well behaved children I have ever met!  Brad and Monica have done such a great job with their home and their children.

    I asked Monica to write a sort of “Journal” entry for me to share in their Red Thread blog, so here it is…

    “In cleaning out some old stuff the other day, I found a paper I wrote in my senior year of college.  It talked about how my fiancé (now my husband of nearly 16 years) and I did not want to have children and it detailed our reasons.  I took it to show my husband, laughing all the way, because we are expecting our 9th child this November.  We have four children adopted from Ethiopia and four (soon to be five) biological.  Solomon and Naomi came home from Ethiopia three and a half years ago and Reuben and Arlo just came home in June.
     Oddly enough, our adoption journey started as a Disney vacation savings account.  We had only three children at the time and were excitedly planning our first-ever trip to Disney.  Before that could happen, though, God let us know he had other plans.  He made his calling for us to adopt very clear, and it also became clear that our vacation savings account name would be changed to “adoption savings”.   We just as excitedly began working towards our adoption, but the total cost would be much, much more and we had no idea where the money would come from.  That first adoption was very much about stepping out in faith to what God had called us to.  We still can’t account for how all the money came in, but miraculously, we had every penny we needed just when we needed it.
    Our second adoption was just a continuation of that faith journey.  People always tell us what a blessing we are to the kids we adopted, but we are truly the blessed ones.  To be able to call these four amazing kids our children is a joy and privilege.  We have also been blessed in the many ways that adoption has helped us grow our parenting, our faith, and our love.”

    One of the family playing and goofing off in between takes.  “A family that plays together, stays together.”

    And one more of the twins playing with daddy’s shoes!


  • Completed Family {Farmington Hills, MI adoption photographer} July 20, 2012 / Children, Family, Red Thread Session

    I had the awesome pleasure of photographing the Roberts’ family in June.  They had just had their second adoption finalized and wanted to have their family captured.  There is so much love in this family and I cannot put their “road” in words better than the one who traveled them, so here is the Roberts’ story in their own words;

    “It took longer for my husband, Tony, to know that adoption was the right way to build our family than it did for me.  Being adopted myself, I knew that it was what I had always hoped to do.  With our daughter, it was a right-time-right-place kind of thing.  The agency was looking for a family like us, and we were looking for a bundle of joy like our Viviana.  Around three months after starting the process, she was born and we knew it was meant to be.
    Weston took his time coming to our family.  Vivi was about 14 months old and told us that she wanted a “baby brudder”.  We too wanted another baby.  There were several disappointing matches that never came to be placements and I struggled during our wait which closed in on 2 years.  I even dreamt of Weston long before he was born.  I was holding him, with his soft curls, big eyes, and rich, silky skin.  His image stayed so vibrant in my mind that I had to draw it on paper so I could get a moment of peace when I closed my eyes. 
    Then last summer we traveled to Michigan on vacation.  Our agency called us and told us we were chosen!  We met Weston’s birthmother and we knew that he would be our son.  She was due within weeks so our vacation was extended.  When he was born and I could hold him in my arms, I knew that he was that same baby from my dreams.  I could see it in his eyes, that he too had been waiting for us.  Here on earth, it was hard to see why the other matches didn’t work, but now I know that it was because our little boy was making sure from behind the scenes that no one took his spot with our family. 
    Adoption is never simple before or after the placement.  There are so many dynamics that lead people to adoption and that occur post-placement that many on the outside never consider.  For us, we were blessed that all circumstances lead us to adoption.  In that way, we feel like it chose us.  And no children could have ever been a better fit for our silly, zany, and madly-in-love family than our two little lovebugs!”  – Christine Roberts
  • Forever Family {Rockford, Michigan Red Thread Adoption photographer} June 6, 2012 / Children, Family, Red Thread Session

    I had the awesome privilege of photographing the “D” family last week and it was to say the least, amazing!  The D family have three daughters, a biological 5 1/2 year old Janelle, an adopted 2 1/2 year old Joanna and an adopted 1 1/2 year old Danielle.  Joanna was adopted from Ethiopia two years ago and Danielle’s adoption, from China, was finalized in February!  Both girls are now in their forever homes!  I am so happy to be able to volunteer my time and talents for Red Thread Sessions and several people have said how great it is for me to volunteer for them.  Well, I have to agree it is an amazing opportunity but I have to also say how amazingly awesome it is for families who have it in their hearts to adopt.  I am giving about 6 total hours of my time, and the D family is giving their life and love for these children!  I am so honored to have been such a small part of it!