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  • Studio upgrades {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} February 24, 2015 / Special, Studio


    I’ve been a busy bee this winter adding some ‘upgrades’ to the studio, and they make me happy!  🙂  I love being able to decorate and style my studio the way I envision it.  And to be able to share it with all of you makes me even more happy.

    So what will you find when you come to the studio?  Here are some hints, but they look more awesome in person…just sayin’!!! 😀

    Studio upgrades {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} Studio upgrades {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} Studio upgrades {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer}

  • Happy New Year! January 7, 2015 / Special

    Oh my goodness, it’s 2015!  This past year has gone by so quickly.  I didn’t do all that I wanted to do with my business, like blogging every session, or to be honest, even blog half of them!  LOL  I didn’t look into “In Person Sales”, I didn’t keep as organized as I had wanted to, I didn’t get to complete my Transformation Tuesday, and I didn’t send out Christmas cards to all of my loyal and wonderful clients.  For all of this, I am truly sorry and will be trying my best to work on this for 2015.  For after all, it’s a new year, a fresh start and a chance to be what you intended to be. 🙂

    So after all of that has been said, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here with me again for yet another year.  I put together a collage of I believe most of my sessions from 2014.  I may have missed a few and I am sorry for that, I will try to get all of them in there for next year’s collage.


    Thank you again for such a wonderful, amazing and fantastic year!  Coming up here in June will be my 5 year anniversary.  WHAT???!?!?  How did that happen?  Stay tuned for something special and possibly a rollout or two of some new changes….

    Now it’s your turn, what are you looking to change or accomplish in 2015?

  • Christmas Minis :: 2014 {Hudsonville, Michigan portrait photographer} September 15, 2014 / Mini Sessions, Special

    It’s that time of year again, Christmas minis are here!!!!  It’s a little earlier this year than last but I wanted to hopefully catch some great fall colors and beat the cold that is predicted here for Michigan.  So the mini’s will be held on Friday, October 17th and Saturday, October 18th.

    To book a spot, please email Roxanne at photographytheoria@yahoo.com or click HERE and contact me through the ‘Contact’ button on my website.


    AAANNNNNDDDD, as a bonus, once all 23 spots are filled, all booked persons will be entered into a drawing.  One person will receive their spot for free this year.  That’s right, I said FREE!!!!

  • Blog Circle…DREAM! {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} March 1, 2014 / Blog Circle, Special

    I have a great, amazing and awesome group of fellow photographers, who have become wonderful friends over the years, that I chat with. We chat about lots of stuff, mostly photography and helping one another learn and grow, sometimes about other things! 😉 Last month we started a “Blog Circle” which means we have a topic to write about and interperet how we see fit. If you remember my blog post last month about “LOVE”, this month is about “DREAM”. How do I interperet that?

    Well for me right now, with all of the cold arctic air and snow we have been getting, I am dreaming about summer! Beaches, walks, bike rides, swims, washing cars outside, campfires, dirty hands and faces, letting my kids run and play carefree! Oh man, I have almost forgotten what it’s like to do these things. And I CANNOT wait to do these things again. I recently started hearing the birds chirp and sing again so it can’t be that far away, right?


    What do you dream about? Do you dream big or dream small?

    Visit my friend Emily’s blog post from Cozy Clicks Photography about “DREAM” to read her interpretation.

  • Transformation Tuesday, Shawn’s story {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} February 18, 2014 / Special, Transformation Tuesday

    Time for another Transformation Tuesday!  I love Tuesdays for this very reason!  Today’s story comes from a woman named Shawn.  The story of a stay-at-home mom with food struggles.  Here is Shawn’s story…

    “My name is Shawn and I am mom to three little ones. I have always struggled with my weight, through high school and college, using unhealthy diets to lose weight. After I was married in 2004, I slowly began to gain weight. It was really when I began having kids that my weight and bad health got out of control. Over the last 6 years of having babies, I struggled with post partum depression and anxiety. I turned to food to help with the sadness and stress. I went from 200 lbs to 340 lbs in those 6 years. My family would eat out 5 days a week and I was a junk food addict, eating bags of candy at night. It felt like there was no way to get back on track.

    Shawn's story

    Then in March 2013, when my youngest was 6 months old, I saw a video online by a mom who had struggled with her weight and post partum depression. She had lost 60 lbs doing Chalean Extreme and drink Shakeology. I was truly inspired and decided to buy it and commit. My husband jumped on board with eating healthy and running. Within 3 months, I had lost 48 lbs. I decided to do the program again and lost another 35 lbs during the following 3 months for a total of 83 lbs lost during the 6 months. I continued with working out and eating right doing P90X and lost another 17 lbs.

    The first after image of me in the peach tank was taken following that.

    Shawn's story

    The second picture, of me in the dress, is a most recent picture.

    Shawn's story

    I have lost a total of 108 lbs and feel amazing. My husband has lost 60 lbs. We have completely changed our health and our lives. Our marriage was hurting and we were so unhappy and life is now completely different, full of love, support, and fun with our kids. We have made our health a priority and plan to continue working hard to lose weight and be healthy. I have a page where I share more of my story and pictures at www.facebook.com/settingtheexample.

    Thank you for opportunity to share my story but also for a makeover! lol This stay at home mom could definitely use one!”

    Thank you to Shawn for sharing her story.  🙂  Did it inspire you?  Do you want to inspire others?

    If you would like to be featured and tell your own personal story of weight loss, please fill out this link.

  • LOVE! Blog Circle {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} February 1, 2014 / Special

    Love, love, love!  What is it and what does it mean to you?

    LoveAs Valentine’s Day is approaching I start to think of what love means to me.  To me it is a whole lot of things.

    When I was young I never really thought about it.  I was fortunate enough to always have parents and family that loved me so I was never lacking in that area.

    When I was older, having just met my boyfriend (to be husband), I learned what love meant on a deeper level.  The love that I had for this man was nothing I had ever experienced before and still almost 17 of marriage later.

    Then when we were married we began to expand our family, love took on an entirely different meaning.  The love of a child has no comparison.  Period.


    But…once I found God I found a whole new level of love again!  His love for me, His love for you, His love for all!

    loveSo, during this month of February and the meaning of LOVE that it brings to so many, think about what love means to you.

    loveHappy February & Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Go and read my friend and super talented photographer Emily’s blog post at Cozy Clicks Photography to see what she has to say about love. 🙂

  • Avery turns one! {Zeeland, Michigan child portrait photographer} January 27, 2014 / Children, Special

    Avery is ONE! I can’t believe it! I have been photographing her since she was born! And her sister, Keira, and their family since K was three months old. Aaaaannnnddd, they just announced they are expecting little one #3! Oh my, oh my, so excited for their growing family!

    Avery came to visit me for her one year photos and mom & dad brought along the MOST adorable outfit. So bright, colorful and vibrant, just like Avery! 🙂 She is a typical one year old, loving to climb and get into things she is not supposed to get into! 😀 Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer
    Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer
    Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer

    During this particular shoot I was able to get some lovely shots and moments between Avery and Keira. Now if you know K, she really does not like having her photo taken and never has, so this was a special and rare treat for her to want to be in the photos. We are actually planning K’s 3 year photos for the spring…it’s going to be a princess tea party! So much F.U.N. Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer
    Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer

    Then we got Avery’s cake out and she was READY! She was so in to the cake and loved it! Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer

    So much so that we decided to photograph her bath too!
    Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer
    Zeeland Michigan child portrait photographer

    What a fun session! Thanks for all the fun and laughs, Avery. And Happy 1st Birthday, sweetheart! <3

  • Transformation Tuesday {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} January 21, 2014 / Special, Transformation Tuesday

    First ever “Transformation Tuesday” post and I am super, duper excited! WHY, you ask? Because transformations and weight loss is very near and dear to me! I have my own personal story that I will tell once I have completed the weight loss portion of it. But for now I am focusing in YOU! I want to showcase your achievements, your dreams and how you got there. Everyone’s story will be different. Everyone’s journey will be different. That is okay to be different. We are all different and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

    This first “TT” post is all about Robyn’s story, and while unique to her, I hope that you all can see yourselves at the finish line just like she did! I hope it inspires you, whether you have 10lbs to loose or 100lbs to loose.

    So here is Robyn’s story…

    “My name is Robyn and I am 40 years old. Like millions of others my weight has fluctuated over the years. Severely fluctuated would be a better word for it.

    I am the mother of 18 year old twins and a 16 year old. For their entire lives I focused on them, of course, they are my babies! However, I also used them as an excuse or a crutch when it came to explaining or reasoning why I still had “baby fat” after almost two decades. Sad but true. Then on July 16, 2012 I had a picture taken of myself and my daughter’s boyfriend. When that picture was given to me a week later I literally burst into tears. I could not believe my eyes. I knew my weight was back up. I own mirrors and I know what the size of my clothes were but somehow I had blinders on and never truly saw what everyone else was seeing. Let me tell you, that picture was a rude awakening and my eyes were opened! I knew I had one year until the big 4-0 and I was NOT going to have that birthday looking and feeling the way I did.


    The very next day I called Grand Health Partners, after being up most of the night doing research, and signed up for their next available informational meeting. They are a wonderful group of doctors that help people, medically and surgically, battle their weight issues. Three days later, husband in tow, I went to a meeting. I was so intrigued by all they had to say but I knew that after so many great successes (80# or so at least three times) always followed by failures, that I needed to be extreme. I decided a Gastric Sleeve was going to be my extreme tool to get me, once and for all, to the person I knew I was meant to be. After meeting with doctors, working through insurance approvals and figuing out work schedule, I had my surgery date set.

    I went through all of the classes that GHP offered. I met with a Behavioral Specialist, met with the Surgeon, met with a Nutritionist and went to a couple of support group meetings. I wanted to make sure I had all of my bases covered and follow all of their suggestions to make sure I did not “fall off the wagon” ever again. Finally, 2 weeks before the surgery I started the Pre-Surgery diet, very low calories, food that was pre-packaged and available through GHP. By the morning of September 5, 2012 (yes I fast tracked) I was ready! So excited about my future that my nerves did not even matter. On a side note, I had decided to keep my surgery a secret from almost everyone. My immediate family, my parents and 2 people from work were all that knew. I knew that I had to be mentally ready for the changes that I had already started and the new lifestyle that I was getting with the help of surgery and I did not feel strong enough at the time to explain my decision to anyone. There is such a negative response, often not always, when people find out that someone had weight loss surgery. It is wrong, unfair and not true, but I knew I was not prepared for those debates at that time.

    My surgery went beautifully, I had no complications during or after. I had a very smooth transition into my new lifestyle. I credit that to using all of the tools that GHP supplied me with. I was up and walking every hour for 10 minutes the day after surgery and I have not stopped since. In fact, I have become an exercise junky! I started by walking, walking and walking some more. It was slow going at first but by November I was bored and ready for more. I joined a gym, with the whole family and started jogging and then running on a tread mill. We played tennis, worked on weight and elliptical machines. I couldn’t get enough. I was seeing tremendous results and had never felt better in my life. Finally spring arrived and I did the unthinkable, I started running outside for all the world to see! I was not a runner, I thought runners were crazy! I love it! I cannot let a day go by without lacing up my shoes and hitting the road. Some days may only be 2 miles others 6, I just never know.

    I am now 1 1/2 years from my surgery date. I started out at 267# and a size 24 pant. My ultimate goal for myself was 150# and a size 10. Today I am 117# and a size 2 pant! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would achieve all that I have. I attribute that to a wonderful staff at GHP, a fabulous family that cheered me on every step of the way and an unwaivering dedication to follow all of the rules. I do not “cheat” on my eating or exercising. There is nothing to “cheat” on. I am not on a diet, this is my lifestyle. I have certain food, calories and grams that I must reach every day to keep my body fully fueled and I do that. I do it for me. I had to be a little selfish in the beginning and realize it was okay to take me time. I felt guilty for not always eating with my family or making their meals, my family stepped up, because sometimes it was hard to be around the food (now I eat with them). Not because I missed it, I do not, but because the smells were difficult for me to handle. That was the hardest thing to overcome. Nothing smells the same now. A movie theatre makes me nauseous, the popcorn “butter” is not a good smell for me and my new stomach. But these were small things and in a short year I have been able to work through it all. I am now a healthier and happier, wife and mom.


    As a reward, I treated myself to the second best ever gift to myself. I underwent a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation. After loosing all of that weight you can imagine the loose abdominal skin and the deflation of my breasts was hideous (especially after 3 kids). So again, with the support of my husband and girls, I had another surgery on November 25, 2013. It was rough to go through another couple of weeks of recovery, but oh so worth it! Everything is back in its place and my new clothes have never looked better. After 6 weeks I was back in the gym too!


    The most important thing I can say about this journey is to be true to yourself. Surgery of any kind is not a cop-out. Surgery is difficult! There are many things that can go wrong and it is not a cure all. Weight loss surgery will make you loose weight for up to a year without you having to do too much work. However, it will NOT keep the weight off. It will not get you healthy. You have to do that. With or without surgery, your weight loss journey is for you to decide and to determine. No pill, plan or surgery will cure your obesity. Faith, love, determination, dedication and a great support system are all that can do that for you. And YOU, YOU are the most important component.

    Good luck and God bless, ~Robyn”

    For more information about Grand Health Partners, please visit their website.

    Thank you to Robyn for being brave to tell her story and to help inspire others. I am so happy for you and your new life!

    If you would like to be featured and share your own story of weight loss, whether it be 20lbs or 100lbs, please fill out this link.  You will be automatically entered into a drawing to receive a free “Transformation Tuesday” makeover session.  Contact Roxanne for more information!

  • Welcome 2014! {Zeeland, Michigan portrait photographer} January 17, 2014 / Special

    Welcome 2014!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have gotten so far behind on blogging my sessions from the fall and Christmas time…hits hand on head…smack! So sorry. I am vowing in 2014 to get better about blogging all, or almost all of my sessions. So I have purchased something called BlogStomp (www.blogstomponline.com) to help me. It is a much faster and easier way to blog so it won’t take me all day anymore…yay! Double yay! So without further adieu, my first blog post of 2014….

    I have decided to showcase my studio. My studio has been a few years in the making, first in my dreams, then on paper and finally a reality! The studio has been “officially” completed since Memorial weekend of 2013, but I still have to do some final touches…like photographs…to put up. I find it ironic that I have very few images of my work up yet, usually that’s the first thing a photographer does. :p Anyway, enough ramblings, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I do know that clients that have been able to be in studio are much warmer and feel much more comfortable and at home. WIN!!!!