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  • JR :: A Red Thread Session :: Zeeland, MI Adoption Photographer March 12, 2017 / Family, Red Thread Session, Studio


    What a wonderfully fun session with a very sweet family!  Jacob and Claire met in 2004 and marrying in 2007, they dreamed about starting a family, but that wasn’t happening how they had envisioned it to happen.  After experiencing loss and many years of infertility, they believed that God had placed adoption on their hearts and in their path.

    Jacob and Claire decided to pursue adoption and chose to go through Adoption Associates, Inc.  They put together their life in the form of a book, and it was put onto parentfinder.com, where potential mothers & fathers who are choosing to selflessly place their child up for adoption can choose a forever family.  Normally this process can take anywhere from 9-18 months, but in Jacob & Claire’s case, it took weeks.  They were elated!

    JR was born in May 2016 and came home to his Forever home quickly after that.  What a whirlwind it was, but absolutely worth the wait!

    I am honored to be a part of their journey volunteering with Red Thread Sessions, and to be able to give something extraordinary to these deserving families.  Welcome home, JR!

  • Hannah :: 8 days April 21, 2016 / Baby's first year, Family, Newborns, photographyTheoria, Studio


    Hannah’s momma contacted me back in November or December, I can’t remember which, for her baby that was due at the end of March.  We spoke on the phone, talked about details, and answered all of her questions.  After hanging up the phone I realized I was due to be on vacation just one week after her due date and was concerned about timing.  So I quickly prayed and asked God to line everything up so that I would be able to do the session in a timely manner but also be able to spend such needed quality time with my family.

    Time continued on and I continued to pray for timing, I needed to continue to pray because my doubt and fear would creep in slowly every once in a while.  March neared and so did the Hannah’s due date.  Mom reached 40 weeks and the last communication was that her doctor would let her go to 41 1/2 weeks.  Whew, ok, I can go on vacation and just photograph the baby when I return as she’ll still be in the “newborn window” and not too old.

    Well God has the perfect timing, as always, and the very next day Hannah was born!  I was able to photograph her and her family the day before we were scheduled to leave for vacation.  Praise God and all of His ways!

    Welcome to the world, precious one!

    Hannah 1Hannah 2Hannah 3Hannah 4Hannah 5Hannah 6Hannah 7Hannah 8Hannah 9

  • Raelynn :: one March 30, 2016 / Children, Family, milestones, photographyTheoria, Studio


    I had Raelynn in studio this week to celebrate her one year birthday.  And we timed it just right that we were able to do the session on her actual birthday, that doesn’t happen too often.

    She was a bit leery of me during the shoot and really didn’t like her cake, like at all!  But all in all I am happy with how the shoot and photos ended up.  Raelynn is just so darling that it’s hard to capture a bad image of her…and stay tuned, we have her brother’s 3rd birthday shoot planned! 😉

    Raelynn 1 2016-03-30_0012 2016-03-30_0013 2016-03-30_0014 2016-03-30_0015 2016-03-30_0016 2016-03-30_0017

  • :: Spangler Family :: March 30, 2016 / Family, Lifestyle, photographyTheoria, Studio


    The Spangler’s came to visit me a few weeks ago and we started the session inside but the weather wasn’t too bad, which is rare in early March, so we took advantage and headed outside for the 2nd half of the session.

    This is the first time I had met all of them, and them me.  A few of the kids were shy and took a while to warm up but once they did, boy watch out! 🙂  It was quite an enjoyable time as you’ll see from the expressions in some of the photos!

    Spangler 1Spangler 2Spangler 3Spangler 4Spangler 5Spangler 6Spangler 7Spangler 8Spangler 9Spangler 10

  • Jessa :: 9 days March 16, 2016 / Children, Family, Newborns, Studio


    I am honored and very humbled to be able to photograph newborns, my favorite!  But when a family comes back just about two years later with their second child for her newborn portraits, it really means a lot to me!  It thrills me that I get to capture these tiny little beings, and thrills me even more when the family love their photos!  Melts my heart each and every time.

    The first time the Rosema family came to me was April 2014 with their baby girl, McKenna, and came back to me last week with their baby girl Jessa.  At just 9 days old she was pure perfection.  I was even able to capture Jessa in a similar way that I captured her sister previously.  Their daddy is a police officer and it was very important to the family to honor him and their baby girls.

    ""My Hero wears a badge, and I call him daddy!"

    “My Hero wears a badge, and I call him daddy!”


  • Raelynn Michelle :: 13 days March 14, 2016 / Baby's first year, Family, milestones, Newborns, Studio


    I’ve known little Raelynn’s family for quite a few years now and have had the pleasure of getting to know them more and more throughout the years.  I was honored to be able to capture little Raelynn’s newborn photos after she had to spend some time in the NICU, due to having a knot in her cord and it wrapped around her neck during her delivery.  I am happy to say she is doing well now and was able to come visit me Saturday afternoon! 🙂  What a great baby she was too.  So pleased with her modeling!

    Raelynn, 1Raelynn 6Raelynn, 3Raelynn 42016-03-14_0005

  • Simon :: 4 month milestone March 7, 2016 / Baby's first year, Children, milestones, Studio


    Simon, Simon, what can I say about you?  That I want to keep you?  That you are just too cute?  All of the above?

    I’ve known Simon’s family for just about three years now and when his momma said she was going to have a baby, I literally screamed out loud into my computer as I was reading the email.  Really!

    His momma booked his entire one year package with me and I was thrilled to capture him as a newborn, which didn’t turn out too shabby.  And his 4 month session wasn’t too bad either.  I mean, come on, how could it not turn out when you’re this cute????

    Here’s Simon as a newborn…And the rest is Simon at 4 months.  Simon the bunny, how awesome is that?

    Simon-5Simon, 1Simon, 2Simon, 3Simon, 4Simon, 5Simon, 6

  • Kohlton :: three March 5, 2016 / Children, Family, milestones, Studio


    Cutie patootie Kohlton is on the blog!  Kohlton is cute, funny, becoming such a little man, and just happens to be my nephew.  I have been lucky enough to photograph him since his beginning days, all the way now to three years old.

    He and my children love each other and just get along so well, especially more now that they are all just a tad bit older.  Happy 3rd birthday to you, buddy!

    Kohlton, 1Kohlton, 2Kohlton, 3Kohlton, 4Kohlton, 5

  • Nathan :: 9 days new January 22, 2016 / Baby's first year, Children, Newborns, Studio


    Nathan was oh so anxious to arrive in this world.  He was due to arrive via c-section on December 30th, but little did mom & dad know that he had other plans.  Little Nathan decided to join his big sister, Naomi, on December 19th!

    He came to see me a mere 9 days later for his newborn session.  He did wonderfully and I really wanted to keep him!  Mom & dad weren’t sure about that, so alas, I had to return him.


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  • Piper :: 7 weeks October 22, 2015 / Baby's first year, Newborns, Studio


    Oh man, I have a confession to make, it’s been almost 5 months since my last blog post!  I can’t believe it’s been that long, however, busy season came and I couldn’t fit it all in.  Now that busy season, while not over yet, is coming to a close, I have some time to blog.

    First up it’s going to be a newborn that is not a “normal” newborn for me.  This particular newborn was a few weeks older than I normally like, for sleepiness and squishy-ness (is that even a word?).  And this particular newborn kept running away from me, which I tell you doesn’t happen!

    Meet Piper, a 7 week old French Bulldog/Pug mix, a “Mix-A-Frug”.

    I hope you enjoy looking at her as much as I do!

    Piper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeksPiper :: 7 weeks