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  • Simon :: 4 month milestone March 7, 2016 / Baby's first year, Children, milestones, Studio


    Simon, Simon, what can I say about you?  That I want to keep you?  That you are just too cute?  All of the above?

    I’ve known Simon’s family for just about three years now and when his momma said she was going to have a baby, I literally screamed out loud into my computer as I was reading the email.  Really!

    His momma booked his entire one year package with me and I was thrilled to capture him as a newborn, which didn’t turn out too shabby.  And his 4 month session wasn’t too bad either.  I mean, come on, how could it not turn out when you’re this cute????

    Here’s Simon as a newborn…And the rest is Simon at 4 months.  Simon the bunny, how awesome is that?

    Simon-5Simon, 1Simon, 2Simon, 3Simon, 4Simon, 5Simon, 6

  • Kohlton :: three March 5, 2016 / Children, Family, milestones, Studio


    Cutie patootie Kohlton is on the blog!  Kohlton is cute, funny, becoming such a little man, and just happens to be my nephew.  I have been lucky enough to photograph him since his beginning days, all the way now to three years old.

    He and my children love each other and just get along so well, especially more now that they are all just a tad bit older.  Happy 3rd birthday to you, buddy!

    Kohlton, 1Kohlton, 2Kohlton, 3Kohlton, 4Kohlton, 5

  • Kohlton turns two! March 19, 2015 / Children, Family, Studio


    I have to brag and say that my nephew is too, too cute.  And I’m so happy that he’s in my family!

    He was born two years ago now and I remember his newborn photos like it was yesterday.  He was such a champ!  He’s grown, QUITE a  bit, but that’s what happens.  🙂

    It was such a pleasure to spend some time with him and to just watch him be two.  There were times he didn’t want to do what we wanted him to do, but it’s alright.  In the end he’s Kohlton and I want to capture Kohlton!  Isn’t he the cutest cowboy you ever did see?????

    Kohlton turns two! {Zeeland, Michigan child photographer}

    Kohlton turns two! {Zeeland, Michigan child photographer}

    Kohlton turns two! {Zeeland, Michigan child photographer}

    Can’t wait to see you again soon, buddy! 🙂


  • Abbi :: Senior 2013 Jenison High School {Jenison, Michigan senior portrait photographer} November 19, 2012 / Senior

    Abbi and her mom were such a joy to work with.  We spoke on the phone several times before the actual shoot and decided we were going to be doing her photographs at a few locations.  The very first location was her grandmother’s house in Heritage Hill, downtown Grand Rapids, and let me tell you, what a beautiful location it was!  Abbi’s grandmother’s home was built in the 1800’s (she told me the time frame but I cannot remember), and it was built by an influential physician who started his own pharmaceuticals company.  The house had so many original features still in tack, including the grand staircase, all the woodwork, the stained glass windows, the hardwood floors, I could go on and on!  It was absolutely amazing!  (if you can’t tell, I love all things old, they have so much character and life!)

    Abbi has been around bass instruments her whole life, and it was an absolute must to use a bass in some images.  Abbi’s grandmother sells bass, violin and viola instruments and Abbi’s father makes bass instruments from scratch, such an amazing art and talent! (www.aaronsinstruments.com)  So much talent in one family, amazing!!!!