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  • :: I was zero for a whole year, now I’m one! :: May 25, 2017 / Baby's first year, Family, milestones, photographyTheoria


    The Briggs Family :: Will turns one!








  • Raelynn :: one March 30, 2016 / Children, Family, milestones, photographyTheoria, Studio


    I had Raelynn in studio this week to celebrate her one year birthday.  And we timed it just right that we were able to do the session on her actual birthday, that doesn’t happen too often.

    She was a bit leery of me during the shoot and really didn’t like her cake, like at all!  But all in all I am happy with how the shoot and photos ended up.  Raelynn is just so darling that it’s hard to capture a bad image of her…and stay tuned, we have her brother’s 3rd birthday shoot planned! 😉

    Raelynn 1 2016-03-30_0012 2016-03-30_0013 2016-03-30_0014 2016-03-30_0015 2016-03-30_0016 2016-03-30_0017

  • :: Spangler Family :: March 30, 2016 / Family, Lifestyle, photographyTheoria, Studio


    The Spangler’s came to visit me a few weeks ago and we started the session inside but the weather wasn’t too bad, which is rare in early March, so we took advantage and headed outside for the 2nd half of the session.

    This is the first time I had met all of them, and them me.  A few of the kids were shy and took a while to warm up but once they did, boy watch out! 🙂  It was quite an enjoyable time as you’ll see from the expressions in some of the photos!

    Spangler 1Spangler 2Spangler 3Spangler 4Spangler 5Spangler 6Spangler 7Spangler 8Spangler 9Spangler 10

  • Sophia, 10 days new January 7, 2015 / Family, Newborns

    Sophia came to see me at the end of November, after she surprised mom & dad and was born a little bit early.


    As mom & dad arrived, we quickly started going over setups and what they would like to see for the session, and they both said they weren’t sure how much I would be able to do with Sophia.  Well let me tell you she did wonderful!  I don’t think she made a peep for two hours and let me get all kinds of setups and shots with her.  <3  Her dad was such a help to me, I would love to have a newborn assistant just like him.  Mom happily sat back and watched, as I had asked her to do….(there is a very specific reason for this).

    Sophia-1 Sophia-12 Sophia-14 Sophia-15

    Sophia-4 Sophia-7 Sophia-9

    Sophia-3 Sophia-19 Sophia-20


    Sophia-29 Sophia-32 Sophia-35 Sophia-36 Sophia-37 Sophia-39 Sophia-40 Sophia-42 Sophia-44 Sophia-46 Sophia-55 Sophia-56 Sophia-57

    And the image I told Sophia’s dad about and he was all about helping me get it…


    Thank you for trusting me with your baby girl.  🙂


  • Avery :: 4 days new {Galesburg, Michigan newborn photographer} January 7, 2013 / Family, Newborns

    I had the pleasure of working with the “B” family again!  I love seeing them, they are always so pleasant and great to work with.  I have been working with them since their now oldest was 3 months old and she is about to turn 2, and just had a new baby sister born!  Her name is Avery and I got to meet her at the ripe age of 4 days!  That’s right, I said 4 days!

    She was a tough one at first, but finally gave up and went to sleep!  Once she was out, she was definitely out.  Photographing her at that point was actually quite easy.  🙂

  • From Korea to their heart…{Hudsonville, Michigan adoption photographer} December 17, 2012 / Children, Family, Red Thread Session

    I first got a call from Sarah back in June letting me know that she and her husband were going to be traveling to S. Korea to pick up their new son sometime in late August.  She had heard about Red Thread Sessions and wanted to book a session for sometime after they brought their new little man home.  Fast forward to the end of September and they are home, with their new love, Oliver Seung-Jo!

    We were supposed to meet on a Saturday in late October but the rain just kept coming, and coming and coming.  So we talked and agreed to try the next day, since I was free.  Boy, oh boy am I glad we waited just one day, for as the song goes, “The sun will come out, tomorrow…”.   And that it did!  It was a perfect day for photographing.  The breeze was slight, the sun was warm and the mud was dried = PERFECT!

    And now I would like to introduce you to the Woodring Family, all four of them!

  • Coen’s cake smash {Zeeland, Michigan child portrait photographer} November 13, 2012 / Children, Family

    I have now photographed Coen twice and each time he is very stubborn with his smiles.  Not to worry though, he is sooo cute, smiles aren’t needed! 🙂  While shooting Coen’s one year pics besides the “normal” pictures, we decided to do a cake smash.  Mom chose a blue cake, Coen loved it and the cake smash was a success!  During the shoot I found out that mom is going to be having another baby, EEEEEKKKKK!  Can we say excited?!?!?  Coen’s little sibling is due in January and I will be there, along with Coen, to capture those first squishy newborn images!!!  😀

  • Brayden is TWO! {Holland, Michigan child portrait photographer} November 5, 2012 / Children, Family

    Brayden is ALL boy!  He loves anything trucks, trains, dirt & mud!  We met in August at some train tracks near Hope College for his two year pics.  He absolutely loved it there.  Knowing he was going to be running around lots and lots, I had already planned in advance to just let Brayden be Brayden and do just that.  Meaning I had to run after him, which in photographer’s translation, means my shutter speed had to be pretty high!  And what a great night it was!  He didn’t give me lots of eye contact while shooting but when he did,  boy watch out, those eyes are deep and intense.  The girls are going to be swooning over him in about 10 years….thanks for a great shoot, Brayden!