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  • Hannah :: 8 days April 21, 2016 / Baby's first year, Family, Newborns, photographyTheoria, Studio


    Hannah’s momma contacted me back in November or December, I can’t remember which, for her baby that was due at the end of March.  We spoke on the phone, talked about details, and answered all of her questions.  After hanging up the phone I realized I was due to be on vacation just one week after her due date and was concerned about timing.  So I quickly prayed and asked God to line everything up so that I would be able to do the session in a timely manner but also be able to spend such needed quality time with my family.

    Time continued on and I continued to pray for timing, I needed to continue to pray because my doubt and fear would creep in slowly every once in a while.  March neared and so did the Hannah’s due date.  Mom reached 40 weeks and the last communication was that her doctor would let her go to 41 1/2 weeks.  Whew, ok, I can go on vacation and just photograph the baby when I return as she’ll still be in the “newborn window” and not too old.

    Well God has the perfect timing, as always, and the very next day Hannah was born!  I was able to photograph her and her family the day before we were scheduled to leave for vacation.  Praise God and all of His ways!

    Welcome to the world, precious one!

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