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  • Torres baby coming soon… 06/24/2019 / Family, maternity, Newborn, portrait

    I met with Gerald and Rachele back in May for their maternity photos. Rachele had in mind something bright, with lots of color. I chose this amazing location in “almost” downtown Holland. A place where the trees bloom at just one time per year, and you must hit it right, with great weather, too. We did! And it was amazing!

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  • Briggs Family 06/22/2019 / Family, portrait

    I met up with the Briggs family for their session two weeks ago, at Adam’s family farm in Kent City. Amazing location, with abundant sunshine, definitely made my heart sing.

    I’ve been photographing this family for 6 years now and it just keeps getting better. Adam and Carmen have been so welcoming each and every time. And it is so fun to catch up with the kiddos on a regular basis <3

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  • VanDort Family 06/20/2019 / Family, portrait

    Love this session! Love this family! Love the orchard! <3

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  • Ensink Family 06/18/2019 / Family, portrait

    I met with the Ensink Family a few weeks ago, on a nice sunny, beautiful spring evening. We HAD to do the session on a certain night because family was in town for their baby sister’s wedding. We had been praying and praying for nice weather, and it was amazing! So amazing, especially with the “iffy” weather we had been having.

    Two parents + 6 kids + soon to be 5 spouses + lots of grandkiddos = a large, FUN family!

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  • {L&M} Our Greatest Adventure 10/16/2018 / Matrimony, portrait, wedding

    Where do I start with Lexi?  She is pretty much amazing!  I have been photographing her since her high school senior photos, and then her website photos after graduating college (she is an author, you should check her out!)  Now on to her wedding!  And I need to add that her momma planned this wedding in just 5 weeks, and no one would be able to tell!  Like, seriously, it was so beautiful!

    The day was lovely, a little hot, but not the sweltering kind it can sometimes be here in Michigan.  It was a beautiful sunny day, with a slight breeze.  The wedding ceremony and reception were both held at the Cheney Place in downtown Grand Rapids.  Absolutely stunning location, full of charm, eclectic and vintage furniture, and creaky original floors.  The BEST!

    Lexi was so full of joy and love that day, but I have to be honest, she’s like that every day!  She exudes warmth and it really shows when she meets people.  Lexi was just so, so stunning in her wedding dress and my favorite parts of the day was when she saw herself for the first time with her gown and hair & make-up done.  And also when she and Mitch saw each other for the first time.  Always catches my heart strings.   Mitch wasn’t looking all too bad himself.  He was so ready to walk down that isle with his bride!

    Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Schutter!


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  • :: Brovont Family :: 10/11/2018 / Family, portrait

    Life.  It gets busy.  Kids.  They like me to be a part of their life.  I like it too.
    These are all the reasons I have not done a blog post in FOREVER! I am hoping that can change now.  I am hoping to get more time connecting with you.  I am hoping to share the beautiful images I have taken.  The families, kids, babies, and seniors and way too lovely to not share.

    First up is the lovely Brovont family.  I met them several years ago when their daughter was just a wee little one.  I’ve seen them every year since and this year the Rockford mini sessions are nestled in their little piece of heaven!  I couldn’t be happier with the location and with them offering their property to me, and to you!

    Thank you to Steve & Kendra for your amazing gift!


    To sign up for the Rockford mini sessions being held on Saturday, Oct 20th,

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  • Cale :: 2018 Plainwell High Senior {Zeeland, Michigan Premier senior portrait photographer} 05/16/2018 / portrait, Senior

    Congratulations to Cale on completing his high school career.  Up next is Central Michigan University.

    Good luck, young man, I know you’ll be doing great things in this world!

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  • Savanna :: 10 days {Zeeland, Michigan premier newborn photographer} 04/30/2018 / Family, Newborn, portrait

    Savanna was met entering this world by mom & dad, and big sister Marina.  She is one lucky gal to have such a loving family.  Marina, during the session, was very happy to hold her baby sister for photos, and told us that she was ready to go!  We quickly followed her lead because when a two year old tells you they want photos with their new baby, you listen. 😀

    Savanna wanted to not miss the party and stayed awake for most of the beginning of the session, but finally slept so we could finish up her lovely photos.

    Welcome to the world, sweet Savanna!

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  • Jameson :: 10 days {Zeeland, Michigan premier newborn photographer} 02/14/2018 / Family, Newborn, portrait

    It has been so long, almost a year (yikes!) that I photographed Jameson.  I have no good excuse as to why I never blogged it besides that I was busy and never did.  So now I am going back through my files and getting back in the blog-game.  Here is Jameson!

    He was an extraordinarily mellow guy who didn’t like to be nakey. 🙂  We kept him wrapped most of the time and since Easter wasn’t too far away, we did some Easter bunny setups.  So adorable!

    Thank you, Jameson, for being so cute and cuddly, oh, and amazing!!  Your parents are pretty cool, too! 😉

    If you are needing some newborn (or maternity, too) photos for yourself.  Contact Roxanne at photographytheoria@gmail.com

  • #lovewins {Zeeland, Michigan premier portrait photographer} 02/13/2018 / #lovewins, #lovewins, Special Project

    “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.  Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it”
    ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.