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  • {L&M} Our Greatest Adventure 10/16/2018 / Matrimony, portrait, wedding

    Where do I start with Lexi?  She is pretty much amazing!  I have been photographing her since her high school senior photos, and then her website photos after graduating college (she is an author, you should check her out!)  Now on to her wedding!  And I need to add that her momma planned this wedding in just 5 weeks, and no one would be able to tell!  Like, seriously, it was so beautiful!

    The day was lovely, a little hot, but not the sweltering kind it can sometimes be here in Michigan.  It was a beautiful sunny day, with a slight breeze.  The wedding ceremony and reception were both held at the Cheney Place in downtown Grand Rapids.  Absolutely stunning location, full of charm, eclectic and vintage furniture, and creaky original floors.  The BEST!

    Lexi was so full of joy and love that day, but I have to be honest, she’s like that every day!  She exudes warmth and it really shows when she meets people.  Lexi was just so, so stunning in her wedding dress and my favorite parts of the day was when she saw herself for the first time with her gown and hair & make-up done.  And also when she and Mitch saw each other for the first time.  Always catches my heart strings.   Mitch wasn’t looking all too bad himself.  He was so ready to walk down that isle with his bride!

    Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Schutter!


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  • :: Lowell wedding :: Zeeland, Michigan premier wedding photographer 01/10/2018 / Family, Matrimony, wedding

    Krystle first contacted me in March of 2017 to inquire about her wedding coming up in June, and when speaking to her it became quite interesting.  Krystle and her fiancé, Chris, live in Australia!  They both grew up here in Michigan and decided to come back to the States to marry instead of having everyone come across the world.  I did tell them that I would have been happy to go to Australia!  😉

    I met with the coordinator, and surveyed the grounds of the wedding on a cold and blustery day.  I sure was hoping that June would be nicer weather.
    I chatted and continued to communicate with Krystle via email and video chat when we could, as Australia is 15 hours ahead of us.  We got all details hashed out and were ready for the big day.

    I came the night before the wedding to the rehearsal and FINALLY met Krystle & Chris in person, and they were as lovely as I imagined they would be.  It was a perfect evening and they were all ready for the next day.

    It was the big day!  I had never seen a more calm bride & groom before.  They were so excited for this day and were really letting everything that was happening sink in to enjoy!  I have to say that it was also so nice, after just meeting everyone, to feel so welcomed and loved by them all, right down to grandma and all of the couples’ glorious friends.  It was amazing!  And to say the day was great is quite an understatement.

    Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Chris Lowell!!!

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